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I hate dubbed movies, in fact I used to laugh at the fact that Hollywood movies are dubbed into languages such as Tamil and Telugu and released in Theaters (in fact I still find it funny), but these days its more of a past tense. Here all movies are dubbed, I mean all Hollywood movies are dubbed into german and released here. In fact the dubbing was so good that when I was smaller I used to think that the Hollywood movies are being made in German.. came as a shock when I realised the truth after returnin to India. Well… in my opinion dubbing Hollywood movies into German is still OK…(whereas it it weird when the same happens for an Indian language.. twisted logic… that I agree). Maybe I attribute this to the fact that whenever somebody comes to Germany he/she is kinda expected to know the language, whereas the same is not exactly true in India.. been there for half my life and still cant speak any of the regional languages barring Malayalam which is more or less my mothertongue (survival in other states is purely based on english and courtesy of my many friends who know the least hindi..which is also not added to my list of languages though I am working on it)

Now however come the killer, I do not knw to apply this to Bollywood movies coz yesterday for the first time I saw a Bollywood movie “Kaal” dubbed into german and broadcast on TV. The dubbing was gud, and seemed kinda natural to me, of course the use of certain german expressions in the dialogues which I wudnt expect in India seemed weird. But who knows.. since I cudnt understand the original version, maybe those dialogues are there.But this was probably the only time that I’ve ever seen a hindi movie on my own .. and understood at the same time without the help of subtitles.

So maybe I shud change my attitude on dubbed movies, but I still hate the fact that in Hyderabad dubbed Hollywood movies are being released before the Original English version, I dont care it is to “increase” the sale of the dubbed version, which is just a load of crap, if they wanna release the dubbed version at least at the same time as the english version, by this I dont mean that the english version shud be delayed!

I have already seen to “german” Hollywood flicks while I was here: “Chuck und Larry – Durch Feuer und Flamme” and “Nach 7 Tagen Ausgeflittert” which wud be “I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry” and “The Heartbreak Kid” respectively. Both movies are comedies… which target sensitive topics. I expect the movies to be shortened when ad if they reach the Indian screens, also considering that there is no dubbing required in India for these films I may already be late and the movie has already been screened there (in its shortened format)…damn do I hate the censor board. 


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  1. could you please tell me from which site i can download hindi movies easily and for free except rapidshare please reply if you exist i need that.mostly torrent file or any

    Comment by mohit | June 24, 2008 | Reply

  2. reply me if you can provide a link from a site from where i can get hindi dubbed m ovie

    Comment by mohit | June 24, 2008 | Reply

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